Identify patterns risks opportunities beyond the obvious

We deliver AI solutions to foster informed decision making in your orga­nization


Harvesting relevant Data

Based on our proprietary technology we harvest e.g. market and company financials, online news, social media like twitter, Instagram, blogs and even more data.


Generate actionable Insights

By decoding semantic structures and linking independent data sources, we provide you actionable insights to identify trends, opportunities and risks.


Informed Decision Making Process

We deliver continuous monitoring and generate specific reports and recommendations to foster your strategic activities.

Use Cases

How to unlock the potential of ESG data to gain deeper actionable insights into companies and markets ambitions towards a sustainable future?

  • Compile competitor analysis and explore best practice approaches

  • Monitor responsible sourcing and sustainable supply chains

  • Continuous tracking of world-wide ESG incidents

  • Identify emerging topics in your market

How to combine multiple data sources to identify impactful patterns for deriving long term strategies and investments?

  • Compile AI-enhanced due diligence process for partnering and corporate venturing

  • Scout and monitor your future business environment and competitor

  • Develop and launch of ESG ETFs and Funds

  • Screen ESG investments

How to identify risks beyond the obvious and how to leverage the potential of risk intelligence in your company network?

  • Identify unknown risks by learning from anomalies

  • Monitor global risks and get predictive risk alerts

  • Enhance your leadership crisis management

  • Identify risks by using geo-spatial analytics

Our Founder

Pajam - Founder

Risk Management & Data Science

Frank - Founder

Strategic Foresight & NLP

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If you are a data scientist, software engineer or frontend developer join our journey becoming an impactful and excellent AI company helping its clients to foster long term and sustainable decisions.

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Together with our partners we are able to develop unique and impactful solutions for our clients.

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